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Even celebs who weren't at the actual ceremony attended, including Disney Channel legends Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas. View photos Photo credit: Getty More But wait a second: Speaking of Disney legends, doesn't Demi's dress seem awfully familiar? From the beautiful lavender color to the frilly organza skirt, it's giving off some major throwback vibes to another Disney Channel star's movie past. A fan with the username @eboy94 was first to figure it out: Demi is rocking a near-perfect replica of the dress Miley Cyrus' character Ronnie wore to the wedding with Will (Liam Hemsworth) in 2010's The Last Song! Side by side, the like this dresses are uncannily similar. - Selfish (@eboy94) February 27, 2017 Right? If you just snipped off the straps on Demi's dress and added a purple ribbon around the waist, BOOM. Same exact dress. Although I'm pretty positive Demi didn't set out to mimic Miley/Ronnie's gown, my inner Disney Channel stan is bursting with pride at the sight of the unintentional red carpet homage. You Might Also Like

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