...as found by BBC Monitoring 3 January 2017 LinkedIn Image copyright PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images Image caption Ferrets are themselves on the pest list in New Zealand, but their scent could help to trap other species Researchers in New Zealand say that the stench of ferrets could be a useful tool to protect the country's birds, as the smell helps to attract non-native predators. An experiment at a farm in the northern Hawke's Bay region found that lacing rabbit meat with ferret odour led to boom in the number of stoats, rats and hedgehogs detected at monitored sites, the New Zealand Herald reports . The creatures are all considered pests because of the damage they can do native flora and fauna. "There were very dramatic increases, both in the time the animals spent around the odour and also in the number of detections," Dr Patrick Garvey of Landcare Research tells the paper . "We were told that if we could increase detection or trapping rates by 50%, we'd be doing amazingly well - and we got a 300% increase in stoat detections over the month." The fact that ferrets are apex predators doesn't seem to put off creatures lower down the food chain, as getting a whiff of a potential threat could help them to stay safe. Dr Garvey likens it to humans smelling smoke: "Instead of running away from it, we'll investigate the source and will try to find out more about it to make things safer for us," he says. In 2016, New Zealand's government set a target of wiping out non-native predators by 2050 in order to protect the country's wildlife, particularly its birds. Ferret odour isn't the only smelly tool being trialled as part of the efforts. Another company has been testing the effectiveness of traps that use a particularly potent substance to attract stoats - an oil made from the animals' anal glands.

in 2004. The cultural identity of Sears was destroyed with the merger of Kmart, said Nick Vyas, head of USCs Center for Global Supply Chain Management and a former executive at Sears before Lampert took over. It was an identity that the company had for 90-plus years. So, when it kicked in, it costs Sears customers, he said. But you werent talking about one time customers, you were talking about generations. When billionaire investor Lampert took over the company, he thought he could turn around its sagging performance. He put hedge-fund managers in charge of the retail business and took a hands-on approach. He focused on slashing costs and moved away from Sears emphasis on customer service. But he failed. Sears has lost more than 90 percent of its value since 2007 and is mired in debt. To keep it above water, Lampert sold off its valuable real estate.

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