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Seaweed-infused pyjamas Alas, there were no pyjama sets available for review Hazel Plush 20 January 2017 1:10 PM What does a first class flight ticket get you these days? Ala carte menus, seats that transform into beds, dinky designer toiletries and a set of seaweed-infused pyjamas. Travellers who splash out on Emiratess top tier tickets will be richly rewarded with moisturising loungewear, the airline announced this week. Made from fabric infused with sea algae extracts, the jim jams promise to keep the upper-class dermis soft and supple. Emirates's new first-class amenity kits for ladies The fabric gently releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation, said the airline on its website . The patented Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology uses billions of capsules applied to the fabric which gently releases naturally-moisturising sea kelp during movement. For the uninitiated, sea kelp is a brown sea algae or seaweed, which is normally found in the Antarctic Ocean. It is rich in hydrating nutrients, and is often used in luxury skincare. The first class cabin of an Emirates A380 cabin The high tech sleepwear which keeps its sea kelp infusion for up to 10 washes, should you wish to pilfer a pair was unveiled alongside Emirates new range of inflight extras. The folks in first can also look forward to faux sheepskin blankets, plus amenity kits and skincare by luxury brands Bulgari and VOYA. Emirates opens business and first class lounges to all passengers We requested some of these magical moisturising pyjamas from Emirates perhaps they would prove useful in our air conditioned office environs? Alas, there were none available for ชุดนอนราคาถูก review.

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