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that many people walking through your store, only youre at home in your bathrobe in front of the fire. Although its early, McKelvy said she expects online sales volume will easily surpass business at their West Lebanon store. The key, she said, is fast and reliable customer service. Customer reviews are posted online for everyone to see. If they dont satisfy their customers, the world will know. The reality is this is the way the world is now, McKelvy said. Everyone is on their phone. Were going with the flow. Symbolism in Shoes The shift from bricks to clicks in retailing was made plain a year ago November, Rosey Jekes Fabrikant pointed out, when online shoe retailer Zappos undertook what many regarded as a publicity stunt by delivering 1,900 boxes stuffed with free gifts headphones, backpacks and warm-weather gear to Hanover residents on their doorsteps as a reward for the number of purchases to have originated from the ZIP code. In a coincidence of timing that nonetheless was

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laden with symbolism, the Shoetorium shoe store on the pedestrian mall

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in Lebanon closed 10 days later, underscoring how a 6-year-old startup thousands of mile away in Las Vegas could undercut a 45-year-old business catering to the local community. The internet is just sucking it out of small businesses, Fabrikant said. Online retailers such as Amazon argue that their industry has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs from high-tech software programmers to forklift operators at warehouses, not to mention providing a greater variety of products and making shopping as simple as a tap on the screen of a smartphone. Advocates of the shop-local movement counter that internet retailers have deleterious effect on local economies through the closing of Main Street shops that keep money circulating in the community and businesses generating tax revenue.

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It provides solutions to the federal mandate of transgender bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms in all Texas schools. (Photo: Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman via AP) More Conservative Texas lawmakers are championing a new bathroom bill that makes it illegal for transgender people from using bathrooms they feel match their gender identities. On Thursday, Texas Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, filed Senate Bill 6 , also known as the Texas Privacy Act, which she said provides clear guidance for public schools and government buildings in providing sufficient levels of privacy. Its already been denounced for what supporters of the LGBT community consider discrimination against transgender people. Many civil rights groups criticize the legislations supporters for peddling what they consider an offensive myth of men claiming to identify as women in order to harass or leer at female bathroom-goers. Law enforcement officials have said such instances are rare or nonexistent . Ive often been asked, Why do we need such a bill? It wasnt that we brought this fight to the people. The fight was brought to us, she said during a press conference in the Senate Conference Room at the state Capitol in Austin. Kolkhorst said the bill, which was previously called the Womens Privacy Act, was written in response to the federal governments May 2016 edict to Texas schools permitting students to use restrooms that align with their internal sense of gender. The bill requires that each dressing room, lockerroom and restroom be designated for use by people according to their biological sex, she said.

Amazon working out its own activewear line One of the job listings adds that the ideal candidate would be someone who has a "passion for sport, athletes and those living an active lifestyle" and has "experience studying (athletic, activewear) trends, customer behavior and shopping patterns." An Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment. The plans for Amazon workout clothing mark the online retailer's latest move to build out its own stable of clothing brands while simultaneously riding the "athleisure" wave that is, the trend of wearing workout clothes like yoga pants in other settings, like the office. Retailers like Lululemon and Fabletics, the Kate Hudson-led brand, have profited from the trend. In the last year alone, Amazon has quietly unveiled at least eight of its own clothing brands including a women's label called Society New York and a kids clothing line dubbed Scout & Ro . Most recently, it revealed a men's buttoned-down shirt brand creatively named Buttoned Down that sells dress shirts starting at $39. They are only available to Amazon Prime members. Private-label brands are often viewed as a way for retailers to increase profit margins while beating big-name brands on price. Retailers can do this because they can feature their brands in their store without having to spend the big marketing dollars that traditional consumer brands have to. These in-house brands also typically don't require as much research and development money to produce. In the case of Amazon, the private-label clothing project is one in which CEO Jeff Bezos is personally interested. "I think there's so much opportunity for invention there," he told Fortune in an interview published in March.

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