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'Not Bolt levels' It's not because punters are nervous about betting on disabled athletes, bookmakers say. Media captionTen things you should know about the Paralympics Instead, one of the main reasons they give is that even after the success of the London 2012 Paralympics, the best athletes aren't as well known as their Olympic counterparts. "Ask people in the street and they might be able to name some, but it's a way to go to Usain Bolt levels," says Paddy Power, the eponymous spokesman for Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. During the London 2012 Games bookies offered a wide range of bets on the Paralympics for the first time. Para GB had its best ever showing with 120 Paralympic medals, helping amputee sprinter Jonnie Peacock and cyclist Dame Sarah Storey emerge as household names. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Paralympics isn't about the betting, says Paddy Power Despite the success, the betting interest was underwhelming. "Even though they were hosted here in the UK we didn't see a particularly significant uptake," says David Williams from betting firm Ladbrokes. 'Timing is everything' British bookmakers expect it to be even lower for the Rio Games due to the time difference and the UK not having the "host nation buzz". Mr Williams predicts the Paralympics won't be "particularly compelling" for its customers, "unless some extraordinary events combine to really capture the imagination of punters, which would be great". Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Rio Olympics was not a big betting event - despite huge viewing figures worldwide Many of the big races are overnight for British punters, says Simon Clare from the betting firm Coral. "And timing is everything with these events." Partly for that reason betting on the Rio Olympics was 10 times smaller than on London 2012, he says, even though Team GB won more medals.

Silver-covered tents that are heated and inside them, rows and rows of tubs and racks of insects. Image caption Coalo Valley Farms uses technology from the cannabis industry The company, which has only been operating since 2015, has fans in the health food and protein bar markets. But is insect eating - or entomophagy - seriously going to catch on? Struggling industry in Mexico South of the border in Mexico, where bugs have been consumed since pre-Hispanic times, the answer is more complex than it might first appear. While culturally there isn't a widespread aversion to bug-eating - as cheap clothes there may be in the US - insects purposefully grown, such as those at Coalo Valley Farms, do not exist. Media captionAn apprehensive Katy Watson tries a worm in Mexico Rene Cerritos is an evolutionary biologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He's a firm fan of creepy crawlies and works with farmers to try to encourage bug production. He explains that of the 2,000 edible insect species in the world, Mexico has about a quarter of them - more than any other country. Yet demand is low. "Westerners have a real issue consuming insects and that's the problem," says Rene. "Mexico is Westernising and so lots of traditions have been lost that we had since pre-Hispanic times.

"They're a simple, fun, clean machine, said Matt Gragg. They're absolutely high quality. You just get on it, you just ride." "We had this passionate cycling community in Tulsa and the bikes sell themselves," said Curtis Kline. TULSA, Oklahoma - Two men with a passion for bicycles are making Tulsa their new headquarters. Curtis Kline and Matt Gragg are two Tulsans who wanted to buy a bicycle company. They found an owner of a fixed gear bicycle manufacturer based in Los Angeles and turned it into Wabi Cycles. "We made him an offer and did a business deal back in May, and by the second week in June we were building bikes in Tulsa," Kline said. Wabi Bicycles start at $750. The high-end bicycles are for anyone looking for a quick commute around town or a spin through the countryside.

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